T-shirts, Mugs and Things
So, I guess that you want a t-shirt, a mug or a thing! Well you are in luck. You actually have a couple of options at this juncture. I realize that there are two types of t-shirt-, mug-, and thing-wanting people out there: those who have some ready cash and those who don't. Therefore, for the first group there is a way that they can buy merchandise and have it shipped to their door. No hassles, no sweat. For the second category of merchandise-wanting folk, I have set up a page where they can download images (same ones as on the 'for money' site) which they can then bring to their friendly neighborhood t-shirt manufacturer and have the t-shirt made for probably a fair amount less cash. However, if these people want mugs or things with these patterns on them... well... I don't know how to make a mug or a thing... do you? Anyway, maybe they can just stick with t-shirts.
So... once you have made your choice, click on one of the links below.
T-shirts etc (for money) Free T-shirt Templates