Series One
Episode 1 - "My Nature"
In her quest to come to terms with nature, Emma finds her dominant gene. Mayhem ensues.
Warning: some scenes may contain alcohol use!
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Episode 2 - "The Brush Off"
Is it possible to take dental hygiene so seriously, so as to forget one's own best friend? There's something fishy going on here!
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Episode 3 - "Rookie's Theme"
A special guest appearance by Rookie Bodine, in which the great man eulogizes a lost comrade. Don't forget the tissues!
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Episode 4 - "Zeno's Paradox"
An ancient Greek sage posited that one could never get to where one was going! No matter what! Zeno lives out the dream.
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Episode 5 - "The Saint"
Enjoy Croco's ascendancy to full sainthood! Luna shows her stuff.
Hark! Do I hear some of our other favourite characters?
Warning: Some scenes may contain pagan rituals!
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Episode 6 - "Concerto"
Sometimes a gentle song can lull one into a sense of security. One should know better. Emma may just be in for a little trouble she hadn't reckoned for. We're scared, very scared!
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Episode 7 - "Eago"
One can find bravery and valour in the strangest of creatures. Follow Agent Eago through the first stages of a mission. Did I say 'Eago', how about 'Super-Eago!'
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Episode 8 - "The Fishing Trip"
Come all ye salty dogs! Come to the fishing trip! Note: No aquatic life was hurt or injured during the making of Episode 8 - thanks to the magic of digital special effects.
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Episode 9 - "Earth, Wind and Sea"
The gang catches on to the little bunny's motives. Birdo takes the spotlight and astonishes us with aerial dexterity and style. And all this in a beautiful tropical setting! Could we ask for more?
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Episode 10 - "Rookie of the Woods"
Now here is a fireside chat that we won't soon forget! And the singing... Let's face it, the man can sing! And his rhymes... well gee whiz they're sure sweet!
Warning: contains graphic depictions of Nature's fecundity!
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Episode 11 - "The Deep"
What lurks in the great ocean depths? If you are weak at heart, easily terrified or simply afraid of water, you best keep clear of this episode. Yup, it sure is scary in "The Deep"!
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