Series Two
Episode 1 - "When Rookie met Croco"
Rookie and Croco? Let's just say that they go way back. Back to the Summer of Luv. Oh yeah, those were some times daddy-o! And the music - just beautiful. We can see the roots of what has become Rookie Bodine's inimitable style. Enjoy the groovy vibe!
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Episode 2 - "Kip"
Gosh, golly, heck. Kip is sure one strange fellow. Find out how he uses his abnormal physique to further the cause of modern medicine. But, is he using his powers for goodness... or evil? Find out for yourself!
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Episode 3 - "Dream, dream, dream!"
Dreaming. We all do it. The question is - do we understand just what it is we do? As you'll find out, many things can go on in the brain, many things beyond our control. So relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy!
Warning: this episode is not for the weak of heart!
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Episode 4 - "It's Party Time!"
We all know how it is.... After a job well done, after so many exciting adventures, the time comes to let loose a bit. Yup, and the gang can party with the best of them. Join in the fun.
Note: The Emma Institute neither promotes nor condemns the use of alcohol for recreational purposes (hic).
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Episode 5 - "The Wand"
We all knew the time would come when Croco and the gang would once again resort to the use of the magick arts. Yes, the Magic Wand is back! But... this troop is quite vehement in insisting that the power inherent in this little 'stick' is used only for the purposes of good and not evil. So wave that wand oh Croco, we're 100% behind you!
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